Wedding at Boulder Creek, Hesperia CA

Erika and Monir were married Saturday at Boulder Creek Ranch in Hesperia California. They are such a cute couple. The wedding was shot by our amazing Paula Vaughn, my partner and my daughter along with Michael Neugent from Neugent Photography. They did an amazing job and the wedding looks absolutely … Continue reading

Point Loma University Wedding

A blessed couple and two very blessed families…Beverly and Stephen were married at Point Loma University (his alma mater) in a wedding of their dreams! This was a very special couple and the family have become very special to me. I was so honored to be a part of such … Continue reading

Horses and Brides!

What is it with the ranch weddings this month! We shot another LOVELY wedding at the SummerWind Ranch in Apple Valley CA and Karen and Bradley looked amazing. Karen rode in on a paint horse that was so gentle and sweet through the whole ordeal. She even gave the horse … Continue reading

Anybody Wanna Upgrade ?:)

Wow! That is exactly what I said when I opened up our new product line sample! It is our new album that is available as an upgrade. It is a top of the line album with lots of possibilities including mixed leathers and metallic or luster pages. It also offers … Continue reading

Calvary Chapel Hesperia

Heidi and Ali had the most amazing wedding! It was full of so much fun and mixed cultures and she looked just like “Barbie”! What a beautiful bride! Heidi and Ali are very much in love and very dedicated to each other and to their faith. I love to see … Continue reading


Hearts are wonderful things…they hold such amazing love! You would thing they would eventually get full, particularly after you have grandchildren!.  But they don’t. They have an unending capacity and for that I am eternally grateful! One of my clients this week made a heart out of her mini cards … Continue reading

Matt and Brandi

Matt and Brandi are a wonderful couple. Matt is the youth pastor at Victorville First Assembly of God Apple Valley Campus and Brandi is right there by his side. They have chosen to spend the precious days that God has given each of us in service to God and to … Continue reading