Matt and Brandi

Matt and Brandi are a wonderful couple. Matt is the youth pastor at Victorville First Assembly of God Apple Valley Campus and Brandi is right there by his side. They have chosen to spend the precious days that God has given each of us in service to God and to … Continue reading

Courtney in San Juan Capistrano

Courtney is a senior in high school. She is fun and her smile could light up a room! She is a Pastors Daughter. When she told me she was going to Penn State I felt for her parents. It’s always hard to have your daughter so far away…I know. But … Continue reading


We are going to be re-branding our studio!!! We came to the realization many months ago that the studio needed a more personal branding touch. So we purchased a new URL. The new name suits our family business dynamic perfectly. We will always remain a boutique style photography studio, and … Continue reading

Barstow Train Station and Silverlakes

Erica and Michael are a special couple. They are special because of the love that they share with each other, with family and with God. This is an exciting time for the family and I am so honored that they chose me to be a part of this wonderful event. … Continue reading