Amie at Universal Studios CityWalk

Amie is going to be 15! Happy birthday, birthday girl!!! She is stunning and sure to turn many heads and hearts in her lifetime!!! She is also sweet and funny and we should have a blast at her Quinceneara!00380031012900740152

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5 Responses to Amie at Universal Studios CityWalk

  1. Bentley says:

    Stunning! I’m sure she’ll be very proud of these!

  2. Adam Squier says:

    I love the lighting on the last one. Her expression seems to show hesitant anticipation — just like her quinceanera.

  3. the last shot is gorgeous!!

  4. Amie's mommy says:

    Excellent work, Pamela! The pictures are spectacular!

  5. Maria says:

    She is beautiful. Very nice pictures.