Easter at THE ROCK CHURCH of Temecula Valley

As many of you know from facebook, our church has been going through a rough experience. Our Music Director (Teresa Wright Taylor) recently lost her mom and her daughter (Noel Miller) has had 5 proceedures (4 craniotomy surgeries) in the last 2 weeks. We have spent many days praying and crying and in the midst of this came Easter. How do you find the strength to be happy when all around you is so sad…Teresa taught us how on Easter Sunday. The worship time ended with the song “God’s Not Dead, He is Surely Alive!”  Teresa had gotten her hands on the keys from the play on Good Friday. They had represented the keys to death, hell and the grave in the play. At the end of the song, with her amazing smile, she lifted those keys high in the air…an amazing moment. Here are some shots from the morning.


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